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Age: 30
Height: 5’11”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Education: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Minor in Spanish
Occupation: Component Design Engineer
Talents, Hobbies, and Interests:  Computers, photography, cars, sports, running, outdoors, visiting family and friends, going out with Megan, playing with Carter, grilling, music, reading, home improvement.

About Me:  I am the fourth in a family of eleven children. I spent my early years in the Salt Lake Valley in Utah and grew to love the outdoors by camping, hiking, and fishing with my family. I attended high school in a small town and benefited from the variety of opportunities that a smaller school provides. During high school I enjoyed participating in basketball, football, jazz band, and math team and particularly excelled in cross country track, and track and field where I won the Utah 2A state championship in the 3200m as a senior. I love hands on learning, working on creative projects, and discovering how things work. This has led me to a fascination with many areas from cars to computers to home improvement. In college, I majored in Electrical Engineering and enjoyed studying Spanish as my minor. After graduation, I got a job I really enjoy as a component design engineer. I love my family and I have a firm testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I look forward every day to spending time side by side with my son, Carter, and the other children that will join our family. I hope to teach them about the things that I have learned to love, and to learn from them about the world through their eyes.

About Shane (From Megan): I distinctly remember my first impression of Shane. I felt an overwhelming confirmation that he was a very good person. I felt I could trust him and observed him to be a kind, thoughtful person. Although I was not looking to get married, he did everything right and I had a hard time not falling in love with him. Everyone who knows Shane can’t help but like him. My friends joke that Shane’s such a perfect guy that he should give “husband lessons.” I delight in knowing that my husband absolutely adores me, but more than anything, it warms my heart to see Shane share his love with Carter. I knew he would make an amazing father. He’s the best friend of any child he meets. When we arrive anywhere, kids are always excited to see him. He’ll disappear with a herd of children for hours at a time to play hide and seek or Legos. When I see him again, he usually has a child around an ankle, one on his shoulders or back, and one running alongside him tugging on his shirt and begging for him to come back and play some more. When Carter hears the doorknob turn when Shane comes home from work, he jumps up and down, runs to the door, and hugs him around the legs before he can even get through the door. I do not think I could ever adequately describe to you what a patient, kind, and loving sort of man he is. I am grateful every day that the father of my children is head over heels in love with being a daddy. Although Shane loves his work and excels in his field, I think his dream job would be to stay home with his family and play every day!


Animal or Pet:  Tarantula
Bedtime Story:  Shimizu (one my dad made up)
Childhood Memory:  Fishing with my Dad
Childhood Toy:  Remote-controlled Truck
Subject in School:  Math
Color:  Blue
Hero:  My Dad
Scripture:  John 16:33
Memory with a child:  Taking Carter to Sea World
Memory with spouse:  Christmas in Mexico 2006 (at a beachfront vacation home)
Quality about my spouse:  Patience
Holiday:  Christmas
Tradition:  New pajamas on Christmas Eve
Family Activity:  Zoo
Movie(s):  The Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum movie trilogy 
Classic Movie:  Pride and Prejudice (the A&E version)
Disney Movie:  Robin Hood
Movie Munchie:  Nachos
Musical:  Wicked
T.V. Show(s):  The Office, Heroes 
Song:  Lucky by Jason Mraz
Song Writer:  Taylor Swift
Video Game:  Mario Kart (Wii)
Board Game:  Cranium
Hobby:  Building/Upgrading Computers
Book(s):  Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer
Author:  J.K. Rowling
Poet:  Dr. Suess
Sport to play:  Basketball
Sport to watch:  College Football
Sports team:  BYU Cougars
Form of exercise:  Running
Beverage/Drink:  Fresh Lemonade (not too sweet!)
Fruit:  Fresh Pineapple
Vegetable:  Peppers (any kind)
Food:  Mexican
Sandwich:  Philly Cheese Steak
Fast Food Restaurant:  Baja Fresh
Dine-in restaurant: Chili's
Dessert:  Pumpkin Pie
Ice Cream:  Peanut Butter Cup
Candy Bar:  Snickers
Thing to cook:  Grilled Burritos
Dream car:  Maserati
Dream job:  Full-Time Husband/Dad
Dream vacation:  Caribbean Cruise
Flower:  Hibiscus
Plant:  Venus Fly Trap
Shopping Store:  Fry's Electronics
Time of day: 11:42 or 5:12 (It takes ~12 min. to get home from work either for lunch or at the end of the day)
Leisure activity:  Taking walks with Meg and CJ
Vacation spot:  Oceanside, CA


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